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Silence gives birth to beautiful music.



About Lionheart Music East

Lionheart Music East was founded in December of 1986 by pianist, composer, and music educator Mark Christopher Brandt. While the company is now predominately the booking agency for his very successful East Coast Duo, it originally housed one of the most successful private instruction studios on the East Coast for jazz, improvisation in all styles,  and for all instruments.  LME has also produced numerous musical works of art, which have sold consistently and globally since the opening of the independent record label branch in 1995.


You have found the most reputable and most consistent jazz-based business, and business man on the East Coast, outlasting numerous jazz clubs, bands and booking agencies in the delivery of quality jazz, as well as  integrity of musicianship, and ethical, affordable, business practices.  The East Coast Duo has remained one of the most in demand groups offering classic jazz, cocktail jazz, dinner and background music for every conceivable type of event and venue since it’s inception in 2008.


In every major town or city in America you will find a small little business or shop that has been a favorite there for generations.  It boasts a steady word-of-mouth clientele, reliable help, and a regular trafficking of patrons, both new and old.  It is often family owned and remains long after other bigger establishments have come and gone.  Lionheart Music East is just such a place on the national map.  Quality music.  Quality musicians.  Reputable booking agents.  Affordable rates.  Professionalism and artistic integrity of the highest standard.

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